Monthly Archives: July 2011

Nuclear Energy vs. Sun

NuclearVsSun © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Shot out of a train in Switzerland…I wished I had brought my  Canon and could have taken more shots on this awesome evening. Not too bad for an IPhone Picture though.


RigiKaltbad © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

A beautiful view from Rigi Kaltbad over the Vierwaldstättersee Region in Switzerland. Second Picture was shot a little later during sunset. Would have been perfect lighting for a Timelapse session but still… Shot with the IPhone (I am astonished by … Continue reading

CloudBreak Preview

CloudBreak © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

I am currently working on some new Timelapses – take this picture as a small preview. Don’t know yet what the overall theme will be but until now there are a lot of Sunsets and CloudLapses. Let’s see where it … Continue reading

Habub in Phoenix,AZ

Haboob-phoenix © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Titel Picture © by Have a look at these amazing timelapses of the Habub in Phoenix, AZ from July 5th. Looks hellish but I would love to see it with my own eyes (and camera). Timelapse by Mike Olbinski … Continue reading