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LaaxNight © 2012 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Long time no update. Due to the fact that work and some video shoots kept me busy over the last few weeks I did not find time to really get into shooting some photographs. Here a little treat for the … Continue reading

Mystic Sunset

MysticSunset © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

It has been already a week since I have been in Hamburg but I am still going through my pictures I shot there. This one, Mystic Sunset, really points out the sometimes ghosty atmosphere the fog created the whole day. … Continue reading


UrbanSunset © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

It seems as if the sky in Winterthur just won’t shut up :)! Again, a wonderful combination of colors during an autumn sunset. And again I didn’t have my  Canon 5d with me. But Iphone seems to do the Job … Continue reading

Cheesy Sunset in Winterthur

PurpleSunsetWinterthur © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

I know, again a sunset but somehow this one looked very special. Never seen this much purple in a sunset (I almost didn’t edit the colors in this picture.. just a little contrast, saturation and luminance smoothing <– to overcome … Continue reading