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LaaxNight © 2012 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Long time no update. Due to the fact that work and some video shoots kept me busy over the last few weeks I did not find time to really get into shooting some photographs. Here a little treat for the … Continue reading

Foggy Morning

FoggyMorning © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Shot in Sursee, Switzerland during a beautiful, foggy fall morning. Made out of 3 Exposures and merged into an HDR (you might notice the little error in the lower left corner) but still, I like the picture a lot.

Fall Colors

FallTree © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Today was a beautiful Fall Sunday. Almost 20 degrees centigrade and sunny all day. A beautiful day to capture all these stunning fall colors in the woods.

Grindelwald Glacier

Grindelwald Gletscher © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Grindelwald Glacier shot last weekend during my hike. I don’t know what it is, but I somehow like this picture…

Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunset © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

…and another Sunset from this weekend in the Jungfrau Region (Top of Europe). During the hike I saw the first snow this “winter”. Friday night it snowed down to 1300m (4000ft). Goodbye Summer..but still an amazing scenery.

Sunset In Thun

Sunset in Thun © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Amazed by the scenery and the lighting this shot was more luck then anything else. I was sitting in the train home when this the scenery presented itself like this. Unfortunately a lot of these shots were rubbish since the … Continue reading

Touching Nature

Touching Nature © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Shot during my Civil Service. I actually do not know what kind of Bug this is but it looked beautiful and it was sticking to my glove as it was waiting for me to take a picture. Well, here it … Continue reading


RainbowWinterthur © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

Picture I took (once again .with my IPhone) in Winterthur after a Thunderstorm. I shot some more Rainbow Pictures – you could clearly see two Rainbows (second picture). I will post them later. I like especially the mammatus clouds in … Continue reading


RigiKaltbad © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

A beautiful view from Rigi Kaltbad over the Vierwaldstättersee Region in Switzerland. Second Picture was shot a little later during sunset. Would have been perfect lighting for a Timelapse session but still… Shot with the IPhone (I am astonished by … Continue reading

CloudBreak Preview

CloudBreak © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

I am currently working on some new Timelapses – take this picture as a small preview. Don’t know yet what the overall theme will be but until now there are a lot of Sunsets and CloudLapses. Let’s see where it … Continue reading


RealSwiss-Cow © 2011 flyingdutchman. All rights reserved.

To proof that I am really from Switzerland I give you a picture of a typical Swiss Cow. Well, I do not know if it is really swiss but at least it was taken in the Canton of Jura in … Continue reading